Q&A With The Legends of Homebrewing

Mike ‘Tasty’ McDole &Denny Conn , two home brewing legends will be doing a live Q&A on  4/3 7pm at the Arcata Community Center.

tastyMike ‘Tasty’ McDole  is a national award winning homebrewer and craft beer enthusiast. His homebrewing focus is on recipe development and process repeatability. His recipes have been brewed around the world. Tasty enjoys meeting with homebrewers and speaks regularly at local homebrew clubs He’s active in the Northern California craft beer scene where he’s familiar to craft beer brewers, distributors, bar owners, bar staff, and drinkers.



dennyDenny Conn has been homebrewing for more than 14 years in the foothills of the Coast Range Mountains in Oregon. He is an audio engineer by trade, but that’s just to finance the brewing. Denny did about six extract batches before switching to all-grain and discovering the “Cheap’n’Easy” batch sparge brewing technique. He’s a BJCP National Judge and his Rye IPA recipe has been brewed both by Rogue Ales in the U.S. and Olfabrikken in Denmark. He also has written articles for brewing magazines, is a frequent contributor to many internet beer discussion forums and was a speaker at the 2008 and 2010 AHA conferences. He’s the Tech Tsar of the Cascade Brewers Society, based in Eugene, Ore

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