Pumpkin Ale—November Recipe

5 gallon all grain recipe: Boil time 90 minutes (rice hulls recommended)

-11 lb malting company of Ireland stout malt.
-2 oz carafa ll (ground up in a coffee grinder and added at sparging, just for color)
-5 lb pie pumpkin, squash and sweet potato (roasted in the oven with skins)

-1.5 oz Willamette 5% AA @ 60 minutes

.5 tsp Cinnamon (1 min.)
.25 tsp Ginger (1 min.)
.125 tsp Nutmeg (1 min.)
.125 tsp Allspice (1 min.)

Safale US 04, Wyeast or White Labs British Ale Yeast

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