October 5th 2017 Membership Meeting Hosted by Humboldt Cider Company Tap Room

Logo: Humboldt Cider Co.Greetings Brewers! We have been working on moving some of our monthly meetings to homebrewer-friendly licensed venues. For one, to give Humboldt Beer Works (HBW) a break from always hosting. Two, to support these venues that support us in various ways. Three, because some of us hit up another venue after meetings for a full pint, and this way, we are already there. Finally, state law changed in January, so we can do this now.

Humboldt Cider Company has offered to host our October 5th meeting upstairs in their downtown tasting room! (517 F St., Eureka) We need good attendance for this meeting, as they don’t want to dedicate space for a small group.

Things to keep in mind:
1. Only members can taste homebrew. This means any guests have to leave the upstairs area once the tasting starts, unless they join first. No exceptions, as this is state law. However….

2. People can join on the spot by filling in the application/agreement and paying dues ($25/year), then they would be eligible for tasting homebrew.

3. We will repeat this announcement via FB, email, and perhaps signage at HBW before then. We will have a sign on the door at HBW with the address of the meeting that night for those who don’t get the memo.

4. We need people to BUY stuff from our hosts before, during, and/or after the meeting.

5. No drinking homebrew downstairs.

6. You should bring a tasting glass. The venue is not providing them.

This is an experiment, and the proposed plan is to do this quarterly at different venues. We hope that you will join us on October 5th!

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