Obsidian Stout Clone – January Recipe

This recipe came from BYO magazine and can be found toward the bottom of the post. I ended up letting the grains steep for 45 min with a blanket wrapped around the kettle.

7 lb. light liquid malt extract (LME)
1.28 lb. Black malt 530 °L
0.99 lb. Crystal malt 80 °L
9.52 oz. Carapils 2 °L
9.52 oz. Munich malt 10 °L
9.52 oz. Wheat malt 2 °L
1.41 oz. Roasted barley 575 °L

0.88 oz. Galena pellet hops (90 min.)
0.88 oz. Willamette pellet hops (30 min.)
0.88 oz. Northern Brewer pellet hops (5 min.)

Wyeast 1968 London ESB yeast

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