New Fiscal Year: Time to Pay Dues and Vote for Officers

Our fiscal year starts September 1st, so at this month’s meeting (Thursday 9/6 at 7 PM, Humboldt Beer Works) we will be collecting dues for those who didn’t already pay online or by mail, and vote for new/re-elect club officers.

You have to be a current, dues-paid member to vote on Thursday!

It will greatly speed up the business portion of the meeting if people either register/renew/pay in advance, or at least download our agreement and fill it out in advance.  (I do not advise mailing it in if you want to vote on Thursday!!!)

As for voting, while some nominations are listed below, it is not necessarily a complete list.  You can write in or nominate others at the meeting.

From Pres. Kenny:


Fellow Humboldt Homebrewers: Membership renewal is upon us. This means all dues-paying Club members can vote for Officers for the 2018-2019 Membership year. You can pre-pay for your membership through the Club website ( or pay before the beginning of the September Club Meeting (Thurs, 9/6 @ 7p). Membership dues are $25 for the year.

The current Officer Corp has put together a list of current members that have accepted nominations for positions. However, this is an incomplete list. There’s still plenty of room for other nominees for all positions.

Please understand that if you nominate yourself, or accept a nomination, that you agree to fulfill the required duties of that position. However, Officers often support other positions within the Officer Corp, so please be flexible and willing to help out in any capacity if requested to do so.

Officer duties are detailed in the Constitution and By-Laws available in the “Files” section of this Group. (Please note that the Current Officer Corp is working to possibly update some of the Officer Duties and that they are subject to change.)

Voting for 2018-2019 Officers will take place during the Monthly Club Meeting scheduled on Thursday, September 6th at 7pm. Only current dues-paying members will be allowed to tender a vote.

Officer Nominations for 2018-2019 Membership Year:

President: Chris Gonzalez
Vice President: Chrissy Gierek, Talvi Fried,  Joseph McKinzie
Treasurer: Ana Rodriguez,  Benjamin Lardiere
Secretary: Caitlin Hoy
Web Master: Sean Ennis
Membership Director: Matt Hodgson, Peter Carlson
PR Director: Kenneth Berry
Cellar Master: Peter Carlson, Kenneth Berry

If you have a nomination, or think you’re ready to step up into an Officer position, please comment below or message a current Officer. All nominations are due by 8pm Wed, Sept 5th.

See y’all at the September meeting!

Cheers & Beers!”

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